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The restaurant side, we reserve the seasons and the chef's desires typical dishes of Italian cuisine.

Let's start with an aperitif with incomtournable Spritz, Italian cocktail, freshness, bitterness, light weight, all you need to begin to relax with us or many other cocktails, the Sicilian, the FRAGOLI ... a glass of Prosecco or one of our cocktails without alcohol.

For the inputs we think of everything, Italian sausage trench in the rules of art with our manual slicer, the antipasti, the buffalo mozzarella, poached egg accompanied minute speck and sauce and a mustard-entry smoked salmon base for fans.

For the main course we invite you to discover through the seasons pasta with leeks, garganelli with pumpkin and gorgonzola or the ravioli with white truffle, the creamy risotto of the day to grana padano white wine Orvieto or simply meatballs with pecorino, Bolognese lasagna without forgetting the famous tagliatta di manzo to Tuscany (beef tenderloin) flower capers, black olives and potato accompanied olive oils arrosto the famous potatoes cut and baked drizzled with olive oil and rosemary, veal escalopes with sage, gorgonzola or saltimbucca ...

Pizza and calzone are also waiting for you with pasta is kneaded by us for approrter you lightness, crispness and more unique flavor, tomato quality and genuine mozzarella, for which is ingredients, fresh and quality products will meet the end égalment shuffleboard.

For cheeses you can count on us and our taste for the good things, the buffalo mozzarella at Buffalo milk in delicate flavor, buratta nature or white truffle which cahe a creamy and tasty heart, pecorino sheep's milk the gorgonzola or gorgonzola and mascarpone a real treat for your taste buds with bread kneaded leaven house and cooked by the chef.

The wine has évidament was chosen for its taste and you can find white wines such as the Lacryma Christi or Orvieto, Bardolino, Ciro or Chianti red known and recognized for its softness, the spumante and frizzante wines like Prosseco, Lambrusco red or rosé.

For desserts, all home please, the incomtounable tiramisu, panna cotta with the pod Madagascar vanilla, chocolate mousse and Mascapone, the Neapolitan baba rum or limoncello ...

For the ice cream is Pedone !!!

The real artisan ice from father to son since 1959

Take a spoon, close your eyes and travel with ice cream pistachio or lemon from Sicily, Limoncello of Sorrento, hazelnuts Piedmont, to the raw chocolate Valrhona ...

And to finish a good meal, some of the most recognized digestive Italy, Limoncello, Grappa Chardonnais, Amaretto, the Sambucca ...

So let you try by our taste and passion for Italian food.

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